Frequently Asked Questions:

We have compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q:  Do you sell new/spare parts for vintage bicycles?

A:  Yes we stock a wide range of new parts for your vintage ‘High Nelly’ bikes via our online shop. *Please note: we do not sell any vintage/used parts we only supply new parts 

Q: Do you have a shop to visit or are you just an online shop?

A:  We are just an online shop.

Q: Do you provide customer restoration services?

A: No, we do not provide customer restoration services.

Q: Do you offer delivery of your vintage bicycles?

A: Yes, we provide delivery of our vintage bikes via courier. Delivery rates are calculated automatically with your order. For all other international order inquiries please direct them to:  sales@theauldbike.ie

Q:  I have some questions regarding a vintage bike on your website I am interested in, how do I contact you about it?

A:  Please feel free to send us an email via the contact form on our website or to:  info@theauldbike.ie , if you have any questions or need any more information about our vintage bicycles – we’re always happy to help & answer any queries you may have.

Q: Do you offer hire purchase of your vintage bicycles to the TV/Film industry?

A:  Yes, we offer hire purchase to production/tv companies and have a large selection of vintage bicycles available for hire from various era’s to cater for most productions. Please send us an email to tvhire@theauldbike.ie or alternatively via our contact form, if you require any more information regarding use of our bikes for your upcoming productions.

Q: How long does it take for my order to be dispatched?

A: Please allow up to 2 working days for your order to be dispatched via courier. This allows us sufficient time to process your order and pack it to send via courier. A tracking number is provided with each order.  Delivery days are Monday-Friday during standard business hours.

Q: How will I know when to expect delivery of my vintage bike order?

A:  Once your order has been dispatched via courier, we will send you a tracking number via the email address provided with your order, including a link where you can track your order online.

Q: Can your vintage bicycle ‘Projects’ be serviced to full working order?

A: Yes. All vintage bicycle ‘Projects’ that we provide for sale via our online shop can be serviced to full working order by replacing the relevant parts needed. We check each bike thoroughly to ensure it has no major issues which would class it as being ‘beyond repair‘, before it is put up for sale on our online shop.